The Corvus Concept


This amazing short lived machine released in 1984 was truly ahead of its time.    Designed and released by the once mighty Network authority, Corvus Systems.   Corvus was the early king of networking, with its line of Corvus Constellation Hard Drives and then its later and more advanced Corvus Omni-net Hard Drives, Printer Servers and Tape Servers.    Corvus was doing standalone NAS (Network Area Storage) nearly 20 years before anyone else.   Its standalone Network hard drives, print servers and backup servers ran on a version of RS-485 serial communications.   Adapters for Apple, IBM, TRS80, Z80 and many other systems was available.   Dedicated Constellation multiplexed hard drives were available even for the Atari 800 line of computers.

Corvus would make a bold move into desktop workstations with its new system, the Concept.    With built in Omninet networking and a selectable Portrait/Landscape monitor it was truly an advanced system.    Internally its 68000 workhorse processor at 8mhz and 256K or 512K memory configurations were formidable.    In an unusual move, it actually had 4 Apple ][ compatible expansion slots as well.

An interesting design feature of the case was the all-in-one System Board/Memory Board assembly that with the turn of 2 external thumbscrews would slide out of the Concept chassis for easy upgrades and repairs.


The Corvus Museum is looking for any Corvus Concepts - full, partial or parts.   In working or non-working condition.

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