Corvus Interface

This simple gate and buffer box would allow a Corvus Constellation hard drive to connect to an Atari 800

through its front controller ports 3 &4.   These controller ports were connected to a 6532 Atari PIA

(Parallel Interface Adapter) which allowed the Atari 800 to transfer data at a very high speed.


A new design of the above Interface board was started many

years ago in PCB Express CAD format and can be downloaded: HERE


ADS Integrator OS Boards


Newell RAMROD Board #1 (Integrator Modified)   Click HERE to download the ROMs.

Newell RAMROD Board #2 (Integrator Modified)   Click HERE to download the ROMs.

* Note:  It appears the ROMs A, E and F on the 2 modified Newell RAMRODs appear to be the same, and the ROM on the Integrator Rev 6.0 board appears to also be the same as ROM A on the other boards, but is located in the E position, but the INT 6.0 board is a much different design.  sThe Newell board #2 just has its dipswitches removed and hardwired, but also has one of the 74LS138's removed and a 4.7k resistor is added between it and the other remaining on the board 138.

The 2 above boards are modified versions of the Newell RAMROD OS/Memory boards that were early

implementations of the Integrator ADS Board.


This is the final production version of the Integrator ADS board, version 6.0

Click HERE to download the ROM.





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