Corvus provided a full set of software for use with the Atari 800 series of home

computer systems.   Utilities to prep and partition the hard drive, repair utilities, Mirror

backup software and other helpful programs.




Atari worked with Corvus and provided the Atari DOS 2.0D version of its operating system.

Covus modified the DOS to allow it to load up, check controller ports 3 & 4 and boot a Corvus

Hard drive from the Atari 800 computer.   This method still required that the Atari 800 have at

least 1 floppy disk drive to run the DOS boot software and then allow the OS to boot

from the Corvus Hard drive.  David Small would later design an OS card for the Atari 800

Called "The Integator" that allowed a computer user the ability to modify the OS settings and select

which device would be the default method for the Atari 800 to boot from, one selection was to boot

directly from the Corvus Hard Drive connected to Ports 3 & 4 on the system.   This allowed an Atari 800

to be able to directly boot from a Corvus Hard Drive without needing any other storage device.  



To read more about the Integrator, click HERE to go to the Interfaces Section.


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